Recent News

  • New! Our UCSD-led cross-institute team is awarded one of the NSF TRIPODS (Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science) Institute. The new institute EnCORE (director Barna Saha) is called the Institute for Emerging CORE Methods in Data Science (EnCORE). See the UCSD News story here.
  • Our UCSD-led cross-institution team (director Andrew B. Kahng) is awarded one of the National AI Institutes by NSF (see the NSF announcement). See the website of our institute TILOS here. I will serve as the Associate Director for Research for TILOS. See the UCSD News Story.
  • New Book Announcement! Together with my collaborator Tamal K. Dey, our new book Computational Topology for Data Analysis will be published by Cambridge University Press. You can download a e-copy here. A dedicated website is here . Note that this pre-publicaton version is free to view and download for personal use only.
  • Partha Mitra (PI) from Cold Spring Habor Laboratory, Mike Hawrylycz (MPI) from Allen Institute for Brain Science, and myself (MPI) recently received a new NIH grant (1RF1MH125317) to work on "Combined Topological and Machine Learning Tools for Neuroscience", starting 10/2020. Look forward to working on this project!
  • Our work on process-detection by machine learning + topological data analysis, in collaboration with Partha Mitra's research group at CSHL, is accepted to Nature Machine Intelligence, 2020.
  • I gave the Godfried Toussaint Memorial Lecture at the 32nd Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry in Aug, 2020. The youtube video of my talk is available here.
  • Together with Hendrik Heinz (U. Colorado, Boulder), Wei Chen (IIT, Chicago), Steve Sun (Columbia U.) and Yanxun Xu (Johns Hopkins U.), our team received a new NSF HDR DIRSE-IL grant to work on a multi-disciplinary collaborative project "I-AIM: Interpretable augmented intelligence for multiscale material discovery". The kickoff meeting will be held at OSU from Oct 25-26, 2019; see the website here.
  • Together with Gill Barequet, I will be Co-Chairing the Program Committee for the 35th International Symposium on Computational Geometry. We have a wonderful PC, and CFP will come out soon -- Stay tuned and get your best work ready!
  • Our NSF TRIPODS+X project (PI: Janet Best) on "TRIPODS+X:EDU: An MBI TGDA+Neuro Program for Undergraduates" received NSF funding. See press release here. Look forward to working with MBI and other PIs on this!
  • Our NSF project (PI: Mikhail Belkin) "RI:Small:Learning discrete structure from continuous space" has been funded. Look forward to working on the project!
  • We are organizing the NSF CBMS Conference on Elastic Funcational and Shape Data Analysis, to take place at the Ohio State University in Columbus OH, July 16-20, 2018. See here for more information, including lecturers, how to register and apply for funding.
  • We are organizing TGDA@OSU TRIPODS Center Workshop: Theory and Foundations of TGDA , to take place at the Ohio State University in Columbus OH, May 21-25, 2018. See here for more information, including invited speakers, how to register and how to apply for funding (for junior researchers).
    Preceeding this workshop, there will be a week-long TGDA@OSU TRIPODS Center Summer School from May 14 -- 18. Please encourage young researchers to apply. Details here . Note that you can register both or just one of the above two events.
  • Join us in HerbertFest, a 2-day workshop to celebrate Herbert Edelsbrunner's 60th Birthday at Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austra on June 20-21, 2018, which I am a co-organizer. Registration page is here with deadline April 15.
  • We received the new NSF TRIPOD award to develop foundations of data science from the perspective of "Discovering structure, shape and dynamics in data"! See the NSF announcement here.
  • Together with Chen Chao and Dimitris Metaxas, we received an NSF AitF grant to develop topological algorithms for 3D/4D cardiac images.
  • Congratulations to Justin Eldridge (co-advised by Misha Belkin and myself) who received OSU Presedential Fellowship 2017! Great job Justin!
  • Together with Partha Mitra from CSHL and Misha Belkin at OSU, we recently received a NIH RO1 grant on retrieving and analysing neuron structures.
  • We have an opening of a postdoc position to work with Tamal Dey and myself at OSU. We are looking for someone with strong background in different geoemtric / topological data analysis related areas and who is interested in computational topology and geometry. The position is supported under NSF RTG grant (see description here ). Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. Interested candidates should send your CV to Tamal and myself.